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birbs are sad

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Better Identification of Viking Corpses Reveals: Half of the Warriors Were Female | Tor.com         




the best part of this article is how archaeologists used to assume every corpse buried with a sword was male

I have been fucking saying this. Do you remember that time some puffed up dude came into my blog talking about how we don’t teach or learn about women in warfare and women as warriors in the same way we do men because “men are traditionally and instinctively fighters more often than women”?

That’s 100% Bullshit. Again, it is the result of men writing us out of our own history and then other men taking that “history” and using it to make assumptions like “these warrior remains are male” and taking years to figure out that they were wrong. Years.

fuckin SWEET

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history sexism >:( 

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"family of girl who accidentally killed gun instructor with an uzi speaks out"

"family of girl who accidentally killed gun instructor with an uzi finally came out with what they believe is a good enough reason for a 9-year-old to be operating a submachine to not be criticized flagrantly by the media"

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comic style | ISAN [pixiv] 

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pulpo’s post reminds me of the time I brought up fan fiction for an impersonal reason in class and someone responded “isn’t that for bronies….?”

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angry noncommittal frightened deer noises

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what’s it like not to be scared of dinner parties omg why doesn’t fear work correctly in my brain

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trying to make friends with someone and being politely or unconsciously ignored more like okay I thought I already passed FIRST GRADE

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batsonthebrain ye

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